*Raper* Mystery of Cherokee within the line.

Lately, I have stumbled upon a new mystery within my newest line that I’m researching Rapers. While  I have been trying to find Martha Raper’s father Thomas Raper with no success. Not even and inkling of it which is frustrating. I know when and where he was born 1761 in Surry County NC. and when he died I have a year but the place is in question  I can’t seem to find him in Stokes County NC or Virginia (county unknown) 

I have stumbled upon many posts on the Raper list boards that the Rapers were either Cherokee or had some Cherokee within them. I have yet to find whether my Rapers were in fact of Cherokee or not. Since I still haven’t been able to find much or anything on Thomas. 


Hurray have found something out on the NANCE line.

First of credit and Thank you go to Bill Huckaby for Helping me out in find out about Paul Nance.

I found out His Parents names were Frank and Anna Nants /Nance /Wants they lived in Indiana Brownstown in 1889 where Paul was born.
It seems he had two brothers named Leo and Neal in the 1900 1910 Census.  Neal appears on the 1910 census as a servant in another family.And was apparently found in the California Death Index. He’s Mother’s last night is a bit of a mystery It might be Southerland But, we’re not sure.  Leo later appears in the 1930 Censuses with a wife and children living in Indiana.
Paul was also found in the 1930 census at age 13 as Paul wants in Owen.Jackson County in Indiana.
It is very confusing to me to have so many different spellings of one name.LOL
But, I’ll get the hang of this hopefully soon. It interesting at least  when researching. I’m learning quiet a lot about Genealogy.

I still have a few mysteries to solve in the Nance Nants though it is a start. I’m hopeful to find his Mother’s Birth and Death along with the definate last name whether it be Southerland or another. My hunch is that it is Southerland. And that it is just a matter of time before I find her. I also know that she was born in Indiana it’s now just matter of what part.

Dang! Brick Walls

My latest brick wall is a Nance. I have been searching, and searching for Paul Nance’s parents with no success anywhere.
I know that he was born in 1889 where is though is up in the air. As he died in Detroit MI in 1952. What I can find out however was he born here in Indiana or Mi? I’ve looked on Rootsweb, Ancestry, and Genealogy.com.,various places nothing so far turns up anything.
even googled his name thinking I could find him that way since I had found one of my bushes through there.
 Can’t even locate him in any census’s for that year.
I do know He married Naomi Booker marriage date unknown at this time.  
I’m also trying to figure out Surname Country origins.

How on earth do you conquer a brick wall with very little information?

Gravestone Mystery Solved

Hello Genealogy friends remeber that recent posting when I put on my blog about the eluded gravestone emblem. I have finally solved the mystery. It was Knights_of_Pythias It turns out that the inner upside down triangle represents end of life. So I Thank Those that have helped me on this little mystery. Soo happy to have solved this.

It’s been awhile since I posted.

Been sorting through all the Information still from last posting. And also today sorting through photographs of Cemeteries that my mother had collected over time with her Cousin. Trying to find some photos that might be possible of my lines.
  I did find several with the same surnames as the ones that I have. But, Verifying whether they are one of mine is tricky. Hopefully, I’ll be able to find out for sure.

The Chi Ching of The Genealogy world (Finding the Goldmine of information on your ancestor)

Edit and Correction :7:55Pm

The night before I ran onto info on one of the lines I have been researching, the Wright-Cooley line once again produced a goldmine of information that I did not have.  I have managed not only to find Celia/Sela or Selah  Wright-Cooley’s Mother and Father’s name William R. Wright and Martha Besty Morgan.

But, I found  out that they were in middle of a migration Kentucky (counties not known actually )Then To Bartholomew and Jackson co for a time then settling in Washington county where they are buried at the Wright Cemetery.
This is only a small amount I have found I’ll post more later once I have sorted through everything.