Part 2 Newbie starting out .

Sorry that this so long to get back to this post but, I have found some useful links on genealgy,webdesign,and templates. You might find some old land record here.
(found this one by Both of these links have gravestones you can look through (Has Free search as well as paid.)

free and you need to just imput your library card number to search.

and your local library ,  History Society, Healthdepartmen for birth and death certificates. If you have ancestors from another coutries this is the place to start looking.

For those that need to learn html css or could use good templates  (two week classes)   Owned and operated by Pat Geary.

Also Join roots web lists for your surnames. and free pages list for web help. Pat Geary is also apart of this list. (You can ask questions there and you can even find some people whom have the same name your looking for.

There is also
genealogy tip of the day.

I will continue to search for more. As I know how hard it is to find place like this that are free.


2 thoughts on “Part 2 Newbie starting out .

  1. Although I am not new to genealogy I still haven't delved into the BLM site. It's on my mental 'to do' list. Another great free site is FreeBMD.Regards,Theresa (Tangled Trees)

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