Long time no posts update on my main site

    Been a long time since I posted last.  Been kinda in a genealogy sabbatical until recently getting back into mood.  I have been updating my free pages site with new things and revamping stuff. Also helping take care of a group. Also I have been trying to find a connection to Sarah Bush Lincoln I know it is a long shot but since we share same last name it can’t hurt to check her out. I have found small info about her and her parents names nothing more. I also found that not many people are having any better luck than I am.

 On my freepages I have put up and will continue to put up records I have found. I also have updated my World Connect file with more surnames and the surnames page on my freepages too.

I am slowly getting back into the swing of research and updating again.

I hope to have another more indepth update soon.



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