My Favorites in Genealogy Programs.

I am still fairly new to Genealogy. I love working with Legacy and Roots Magic when I first started out.  Lately, I think my newest favorites are Ahnenblatt, and My Family Tree Software. All of them are easy to work with which for me is a must, and a plus for any Genealogy program.  My favorite part about all the programs in particular is all the charts, and reports that you can do. Especially interesting in Roots Magic and Legacy you can create web pages. Definitely a plus for those who aren’t savy in html.

  The one thing I had never noticed in other genealogy programs that I noticed in Ahnenblatt was that you could create a birthday list,But that would really be only for the living relatives. I haven’t found this tool useful yet.
My Family Tree program.  A little odd at first but fairly easy to work with.  It’s trees look different than what we’re used to in the family tree maker ,Roots Magic, or Legacy.  And it does open different and doesn’t from what I can tell keep your trees loaded. If I figure out how to keep the trees within the program I’ll re post about this at a later time. That’s really the only draw back the the program.

I’m most favorite would be The Legacy and Roots Magic.


Stumbled upon some new things and figured out Birth Dates.

I’ve lately been going through census’s and through the free Civil War records. So far I have only found a few things. I did manage to stumble on to Thompson Cooley’s and Davids Civil War record. Could not find Dilly’s though I know for sure that he served with his father and brother. I also ran across Bradley Cooley’s Dad ,MomFamily in  census Record. I now know what year they were all born. But, here’s the kicker they had more kids than I thought. and Two I had no Idea of. Also  A few children were missing in the listing. Perhaps already grown at this time and not living with them. I may have ? Found my Thomas Raper along with a couple of others. Not totally sure yet. But I am very hopeful this gives me something to go on.

*Raper* Mystery of Cherokee within the line.

Lately, I have stumbled upon a new mystery within my newest line that I’m researching Rapers. While  I have been trying to find Martha Raper’s father Thomas Raper with no success. Not even and inkling of it which is frustrating. I know when and where he was born 1761 in Surry County NC. and when he died I have a year but the place is in question  I can’t seem to find him in Stokes County NC or Virginia (county unknown) 

I have stumbled upon many posts on the Raper list boards that the Rapers were either Cherokee or had some Cherokee within them. I have yet to find whether my Rapers were in fact of Cherokee or not. Since I still haven’t been able to find much or anything on Thomas. 

Hurray have found something out on the NANCE line.

First of credit and Thank you go to Bill Huckaby for Helping me out in find out about Paul Nance.

I found out His Parents names were Frank and Anna Nants /Nance /Wants they lived in Indiana Brownstown in 1889 where Paul was born.
It seems he had two brothers named Leo and Neal in the 1900 1910 Census.  Neal appears on the 1910 census as a servant in another family.And was apparently found in the California Death Index. He’s Mother’s last night is a bit of a mystery It might be Southerland But, we’re not sure.  Leo later appears in the 1930 Censuses with a wife and children living in Indiana.
Paul was also found in the 1930 census at age 13 as Paul wants in Owen.Jackson County in Indiana.
It is very confusing to me to have so many different spellings of one name.LOL
But, I’ll get the hang of this hopefully soon. It interesting at least  when researching. I’m learning quiet a lot about Genealogy.

I still have a few mysteries to solve in the Nance Nants though it is a start. I’m hopeful to find his Mother’s Birth and Death along with the definate last name whether it be Southerland or another. My hunch is that it is Southerland. And that it is just a matter of time before I find her. I also know that she was born in Indiana it’s now just matter of what part.