Dang! Brick Walls

My latest brick wall is a Nance. I have been searching, and searching for Paul Nance’s parents with no success anywhere.
I know that he was born in 1889 where is though is up in the air. As he died in Detroit MI in 1952. What I can find out however was he born here in Indiana or Mi? I’ve looked on Rootsweb, Ancestry, and Genealogy.com.,various places nothing so far turns up anything.
even googled his name thinking I could find him that way since I had found one of my bushes through there.
 Can’t even locate him in any census’s for that year.
I do know He married Naomi Booker marriage date unknown at this time.  
I’m also trying to figure out Surname Country origins.

How on earth do you conquer a brick wall with very little information?


3 thoughts on “Dang! Brick Walls

  1. Did you send for the death certificate? I also have people who I know where there but can't find them in the census. If I figure out that one I will let you know. I sometimes think that the census taker did not find anyone he would not come back and try again.

  2. I apologies for not seeing you gals soon.I thought sure my settings were send me your comments to my email. grrr.lolYes it is very frustrating. I did managed to find out something about him. Thanks to someone on the list boards. Turns out the name was spelled Nants Not Nance. I'm still not used to the names being spelled different.

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